A Life of Rhythm and Resilience



Born with spina bifida and taken home to die, Diane Glass thrived despite a dire prognosis. Yet she harbored a sense of unworthiness about her body’s imperfections. Only when diagnosed with breast cancer did she begin to share the stories she had been too embarrassed to tell.

In this bold and lively memoir, Diane makes public what has been private and releases the burden of life secrets. Her healing journey goes well beyond Western medicine as she travels to Montana to study with Qigong masters and to a California spa to explore the power of dreams.

In the face of life challenges, her soul dances with the resilient energy of a woman who listens to her inner music and has found her unique rhythm. This is not a book about illness, but rather about the healing power of finding the grace in everyday challenges and reaching beyond yourself to find the energy, peace and joy in a life well lived.